Party in Piccadilly with Mystique

Saturday 13th April 2013, a wet and dull day in London town. However, the party in Piccadilly at the Bentleys Oyster Bar & Grill was full of party people to brighten the place up! I was DJn once again for Bhavesh from Mystique Events. I met him at the venue fairly early evening and he had just come from another show during the day.

The room where we were setting up was situated downstairs and Bhav’ was installing the decor which included all the seating as per picture below!

The picture below shows an interesting set-up of Jameson.

I must admit this venue had one of the best staff I have ever worked with. It doesn’t take much to be polite and hospitable, this venue I totally recommend for both!

We were set-up by 8pm and people had started to arrive slowly. I have know idea why the picture below has come out like this? I used my ¬†Canon 60D with the Sigma 10mm-20mm wide lense and it shows a very strange perspective, but still shows the set-up. Bhav’ installed the dance floor and looks extremely clean. LED dancefloors have been popular for a while now and to me it adds a disco feel. I think the ceiling complements this photo perfectly.

This next two pictures demonstrate a classic single focal point style photograph. But it was done using the internal ‘miniature’ filter. You simply choose the area you want in focus and the rest is blurred. It is very effect when taking shots from say a few feet up, everything looks like a model.

Enough on the photography and onto the DJn.

This crowd was eager to party and was a crowd who loved their old-skool, from Biggie to 90s house through to SWV. As much as I don’t mind people providing lists of music to play, but it is nice to be able to play by what you feel at the given moment and not be dictated by a playlist or a punter whom wants a record that will kill the vibe on the dance-floor. This crowd were feeling everything that I chose and really appreciated the fast mixing (especially of the house music) and the ‘scratch teasing’ I love doing. This is when you drop a bar of a record but don’t necessarily play it straight after. This really adds to the hype I believe.

Overall this party was the best event I have played so far this year ! :)

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