NYE 2012

New Years Eve 2012 was spent at Peaches Bar in North West London. If you haven’t been to this bar then it offers a mix of music on the weekend and various social activities during the week. In addition, you can also enjoy the Indian food on offer.

I made my way up to North London around 3pm to Vishal’s. Vishal is DJ Dreypa, who I booked to perform with me. DJ MJ was DJn with us too. Dreypa has been now DJn for a long time and at heart is a turntablist like myself. It’s very freshing to see him in the studio scratching. So most of the afternoon was spend scratching!

We decided to get to Peaches for 8pm so we could get some food down us. The worst possible choice in my opinion is fast food, as more often then not DJs end up eating fast food after a gig, so double dose of chicken and chips was a real possibility.

Upon arrival, fortunately DJ MJ had already set-up the Technics turntables, as there is no way our performance is maximised using CDJs. He also installed the Pioneer DJM500 mixer. It is an industry standard mixer however to run Serato you must bring your ‘Serato Box’. So what are the differences? Well the Rane mixer allows for instant laptop contol from selecting tracks to track mark triggers. But I have always welcomed the challenges that come with DJn, I believe it will make you a better DJ if you are presented with the worst possible DJ set-ups, from jumping needles to ‘hill type’ cross fader curves preventing you from scratching easily! This is where you need to understand free hand scratching, besides the fader is a ‘stop start’ action.

We managed to set-up the Serato box and got the turntables running! If you understand the Serato ‘challenge’ of changing laptops between DJs then it’s worse with the box unless it’s powered…but there is a way – and probably for another post!

We started off by playing 70s Raregrooves, into the 90s and then right up to date, building up the tempo to midnight. Peaches was filling up fast and I was told they were sold out which was good news.

Dreypa managed to play an alternative mix of Ragga for just under an hour which worked extremely well. Eventually we were playing house which lead nicely to the midnight track I had chosen ‘The bongo song” – Safro Duo. I had timed this track perfectly as I was using the website ‘time.is’ and had track marked the record 1 minute from midnight. This is where Serato really helped, otherwise you would have to subtract the length of the track from the drop you wanted from midnight, maths is not for me Dreypa!

Safro Duo went down very well and the party continued. The crowd enjoyed the mix of music and we kept them on the floor until MJ took over at 2am.

DJ DreypaDJ DreypaDJ MJDJ MJDJ Redcap

MJ is a real old skool DJ, his experience can be clearly seen from his tight mixing ability and knowing the music inside out.
We stayed at Peaches until 3am and decided to get some food, which was chips! What we had for dinner! :)

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