Soho record shopping

After celebrating my birthday with my cousins on the Friday night, downing plenty of Sambuca, I woke up early on Saturday to a phone call from Ronak, also known as DJ AK. He suggested for me to meet him in London to go record shopping! Hung over and not hesitating as I have so much love for vinyl, I said yes and dragged my long time friend David with me.

Soho has a number of records shops, including the infamous BM Soho, Sisterray and the long standing Reckless records. There are still quite a few vinyl shops in Soho, I will list their websites at the bottom of the post. Over the years a number of stores have gone into ‘administration’, such as my favourite hiphop shop that used to reside in Lexington Street – Wyld Pitch Records. A lot of my hiphop is from this shop. RIP !

The photo below was taken in Reckless Records of my iPhone, I had no strength to bring the 60D into town. In the picture you can also see Miles Davis on the shelf which I only noticed from looking at the picture!

Vinyl has been on the decline in recent years, especially after around 2003 when CD burners became available at cheaper prices. So piracy was on the increase contributing to the reduction of genuine purchases of both CDs and vinyl. I have tried to explain to many people (not only DJs) the effective of you copying some-one else’s music for free. It’s simple, the artist will not get paid and eventually not release music as they need a return for the next release, we haven’t even considered them surviving off sales. Another point is also raised here, if you complain that ‘crap’ music is being released or even not enough music is being released, then consider the fact that a lot of artists are not receiving enough money off music sales in order to pursue a musical career.

Below is another picture off the iPhone. Not a good picture ! :) But who cares, we captured the moment.

Around the middle of the double o’s, ┬áiTunes was launched and more people were downloading songs from the internet directly, at 0.79p a single compared to a CD single you can see the attraction, unless of course you prefer the physical media like some of us. There are advantages with this, such as your music now reaches a world wide audience and piracy is controlled to an extent.

I guess it’s personal choice whether you prefer the physical vinyl like myself or a virtual file. To be fair, the teenagers getting into DJn do not know what a vinyl is so in their favour we vinyl enthusiasts cannot expect them to buy vinyl, however we can influence them! I couldn’t imagine driving a car without a steering wheel….or flying planes on auto-pilot ! Well that actually happens.

After walking around Soho from Music Exchange to Reckless to BM Soho to Phonica we went to a great burger joint. Byronhamburgers! A must for the burger fans like myself.


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