On my return from Melbourne I had a two night stop over in Singapore. And once again it was mega warm!
I was staying at the Furama Hotel which is around 30minutes from Changi Airport.

After checking in and having dinner it was already 10pm. I asked the hotel staff whether it was safe to take a wonder somewhere, anywhere as I was keen to explore the city. They said nothing ever happens in Singapore as Singapore’s laws are so strict. The lady told me to stroll down towards some area full of restaurants and bars, so I did and came across this colourful bridge which connects you from one of the main roads to the small area full of shops and restaurants:

The next morning I was up early and got a cab somewhere near Sim Lim Square. This mini shopping mall (with seven floors) is re-knowned for the electronics it has to offer. On my list things to get for my Canon 60D, I wanted a few lenses and managed to purchase the ‘nifty’ fifty and a zoom lense for a great price.

Next stop was McDonalds for lunch ! Then a cab to the Marina Bay Sands shopping centre.

Here you will find various designer shops and a very nice parade where you can have drinks. I decided to have a pot of tea whilst waited for the rain to come down as it was thundering. Then again it was thundering all day and the rain refused to come down.

Across the road from the shopping centre were the famous Marina Bay towers. There is a cost to visit the top, but it’s so worth the fee as the views you get of the Singapore skyline are incredible.

This is view once at the top:

I managed to get several shots of the Singapore skyline. I found the location of these towers is ideal to capture many parts of Singapore from the beach to the working city to the residential areas, as seen below in the gallery.

The Bay areaIMG_2141.jpgIMG_2145.jpgSeaCity viewIMG_2159.jpgStadium

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